The cleanest, healthiest,
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For the past decade, Pürblack has continuously strived to improve itself and its full line of products. We produce the absolute best shilajit on the market today with the highest quality and purity.

Come experience all the benefits that premium quality shilajit has to offer. Come experience the Pürblack difference.


Positively transforming your mind and body is the ultimate expression of great health

Shilajit by Pürblack Live Resin®
Game changing performance

We’ve tailored our shilajit to bring about groundbreaking performance.

By contributing to the body’s ideal natural balance of nutrients and minerals, we stimulate a completely new state of mind.

When the body is in perfect symmetry, it can unleash its full potential.

Anti-aging Peptides by Pepts®
Turn back the clock

Whether you are looking to rebuild muscle, sharpen your vision, regain flexibility, or support your vascular health, we have the peptides to help you.

Our natural peptides have shown to help slow the aging process while improving your quality of life.

Colloidal Silver by Coated Silver®
Safely enhancing immune health

Now you can safely protect yourself and your family from the aggressive effects of pathogens, fungi, and viruses. 

Highest concentration in the world: 20,000 PPM

Safety + Reliable: no clumping, no trapping in the body

Nootropics by Cerebroptim®
Healthy advanced brain functioning

To be productive in today's world, you have to be able to maintain a work-life balance.

Nootropics contain important amino acids and other elements that will help you overcome all the challenges of the modern world.

Be conscious, concentrate on what's important, reach new heights. Live your life to the maximum.