Cerebroptim Nootropics and Brain Health


Cerebroptim® Nootropics under Kosmovital LLC was created with a key understanding of brain systems. We put together a combination of amino acids very similar in very healthy, high-performing brains. Cerebroptim uses a patented process allowing for very specific, highly effective formulations of amino acids.

Cerebroptim® are cognition enhancers or supplements that help build a healthy brain long term. Cerebroptim greatly improves neuronal plasticity, memory, integrative brain functioning, attention, speech, emotional reactions, and behavior. Unlike other brands that combine ingredients that all work great individually, Cerebroptim is a comprehensive amino acid combination that is specifically formulated to target specific processes.

Cerebroptim products all support a vegan lifestyle and amino acids are all sourced from non-animal sources. Cerebroptim may also help curb cravings for animal products.


Cerebroptim work best when you use them all together or one after the other without interruptions. If you have to select which one, please visit the product link for the cerebroptim products to see the specific health benefits of each type. Relasma is a cognition relaxer, it helps with sleep and supports long-term brain function. Namur is a cognition enhancer and helps with neuronal plasticity, speech, and behavior. Niox is a cognition energizer and is great for productivity, focus, and attention.

Yes. You may combine all three Cerebroptim products at a time. You may take Namur and Niox in the morning, and Relasma in the afternoon.  We recommend a minimum of four capsules per day. For children, we recommend two to four capsules per day.

  • Niox and Niox are best taken in the morning, 30 minutes before a meal.
  • For Relasma, it is best taken after 4 PM. 
  • For best results, four to six capsules must be taken daily without interruptions. We recommend three to four bottles of Cerebroptim every year for the best long-term effects.

It is completely safe to use Cerebroptim with other herbals and supplements. Our amino acid ingredient formulations are 100% natural, and vegan-friendly. For medication, we recommend consulting with your doctor if supplementing is safe.