Pürblack Shilajit Live Resin

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As soon as you open a jar of Pürblack Shilajit, you know you’ve joined a proud movement of extraordinary people. We know you’re dedicated to constantly improving yourself as well as defining the world on their own terms.

You realize that Pürblack is designed for those who pave their own way forward. By combining Pürblack’s precise level of standards, and commitment to uncompromised quality, you hold the key to unlocking the full potential of your body.

Pürblack Innovations & Features

  • A product of American ingenuity and technology.
  • Pürblack uses the most advanced patented shilajit technology (US10130656B2, US9903747B2).
  • A superior, 5th Generation resin that surpasses any other competitor by two generations.
  • Our shilajit has high levels of bioavailable gold (up to 555 PPM).
  • Easily dissolves in any liquid or drink or can be made into a resin pill with the Pürscale device.
  • Stored in biophotonic jars that preserve the quality of the resin.
  • Travel-friendly jars.


When supplementing with shilajit, it is essential to distinguish authentic from fake shilajit. Original and potent shilajit can only exist in resin form. Liquids, powders, tablets, and capsules are usually fake or substandard shilajit products. Genuine shilajit is a uniquly bitter substance which does not taste or smell sweet, smokey, chalky. If you savor dissolved shilajit on in your mouth for a long time you will recognize notes of hundreds of plants which later bacame shilajit. We recommend not purchasing from "shilajit" companies which have no authority in shilajit, have not publicly disclosed thier manufacturing technology, or are too cheap and "good" to be true. Shilajit resins which are authentic and genuine are unique and come with a high price tag.

To get shilajit in powder, tablet, or liquid form you must do a lot of chemical processing and dehydration of raw materials. This results in the loss of most of the beneficial nutrients. Many manufacturers sell fakes under the guise of powder and capsules, in which they add various fillers, substitutes, fillers, and other substances. Our resin does not contain all of these substances. We view most companies which sells powders, tablets, tinctures and capsules as dishonest marketers, and will be openly talking about thier manipulative practices.

Store the product at room temperature with the lid tightly closed. If the resin hardens, add half a teaspoon of water and leave for a while. Do not turn the jar upside down and store it on a flat surface. Keep the edges of the jar clean. If the lid is stuck to the jar, dip it in warm water for a while and try opening it again.

Shilajit will not expire, and the resin has an unlimited shelf life when stored properly. Each jar has a legal expiration date in compliance with American FDA regulations. if you stored your shilajit for a long period of time and it became very hard you can just add a little bit of water to soften it up.

The resin retains its properties indefinitely when it is kept properly. Each jar has a legal expiration date according to American FDA regulations. 

Pürblack shilajit is made for daily intake but should be taken in cycles. There are several ways to cycle: Supplement for 6 days and stop for a day. Complete a jar, wait for 7-10 days, and get back to a new jar.

It does not make sense because exceeding the dosage will not result in any sort of an overdose. Too much simply becomes economically not practical. We recommend finding a perfect dose for yourself and sticking to it.
Follow the dosage recommendations.

Our customers often experience benefits as early as the first dose. One hour from taking it in without food, you can experience the many benefits shilajit is known for. Do not worry if you did not experience any benefit immediately. Some customers experience the benefits a few days or even a week later. Adjusting the dose often helps in this situation. Two factors are important when taking quality shilajit: proper dose and consistency.

Children may supplement with shilajit. Limit daily intake between 100 mg to 250 mg, which would be about the size of a rice grain, once or twice daily. However, children may not like the natural taste of shilajit, so it is best added to a glass of milk or chocolate drink.

An additional advantage of the Immunity Max resin is the enhanced immune support because it contains colloidal silver nanoparticles. Immunity max contains up to 350mcg of true colloidal silver from Coated Silver® per dose

You can take shilajit for an extended period. But take short breaks, which are called cycling. For example, if you have been taking it for a month, you can pause it for one week. Then go back to taking the product. We recommend switching between Immunity Max and our True Gold shilajit to experience a wide range of benefits of all our resins.

Our silver is safe and non-toxic. We use coated colloidal silver. Its main feature is that it does not accumulate in organs and tissues and does not destroy cells, unlike ionic silver. Coated colloidal silver is provided by our sister brand Coated Silver.

True gold (coated gold) is provided by our sister brand Coated Silver. We also target the raw material for shilajit with naturally high gold content.