Shilajit by Pürblack Live Resin

Pürblack is:

  • Awarded with 4 patents: 
  • Made with 4th Generation pure shilajit tested to meet high quality standards of authenticity and potency. 
  • Subjected to a patented process of purification that makes Pürblack Live Resin shilajit 100% safe and effective.

Want proof? Each jar of Pürblack bears a unique serial number that you can register online to protect against counterfeits. Buy shilajit risk-free. Ask for a Certificate of Analysis.

Genuine, wildcrafted  nutrients from authentic shilajit resin. Pürblack Live Resin is premium grade shilajit that improves energy levels, mental and physical performance, immunity, stress response, and quality of sleep. Shilajit may also help maintain ideal weight and delay aging.

Dissolve Pürblack in cold or warm liquid to drink.

Shilajit by Pürblack Live Resin