Pürblack Purscale Device
Pürblack Purscale Device

Pürblack Purscale Device

What it is: Do you want to get the optimal Pürblack dose consistently? Our Pürscale device will help you do that. You will also save time dissolving the resin and the resin itself. The device is reusable for a lifetime, so you are to get it only once. If you never used Pürscale before, we recommend that you start with one of the jars above which come with Pürscale.

Regular price$ 14.99
  • Free Shipping on USA orders
  • Saves time and resin 
  • Unique to Pürblack
  • US patent: US9903747B2 
  • 15-20% resin economy
  • 80-90% prep time economy
  • Delivers the proper dose 
  • Self-dissolves
  • Makes pills for immediate consumption
  • Neutralizes smell and taste
  • Reusable for a lifetime with more economical 30g. jar
  • One granted and one pending patent: US 2017/0167908 A1

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