Short Chain Peptides by Pepts


Discover the Pepts Difference

Pepts stands apart from the rest because we proudly offer all-natural short-chain peptides which target aspects of the body for increased performance while genetically turning back the clock to revitalize your well-being. Our secret? All natural, non-synthetic, short peptides meticulously derived through a patented process developed by the esteemed Prof. Vladimir Khavinson Ph.D.

What sets Pepts apart is their precision. These peptides are tailor-made to engage exclusively with specific human tissue cells, igniting the natural regeneration of your body without any concerns of side effects or risks. Our formulations are unparalleled and meticulously crafted to target five distinct categories: organs, systems, specific tissues, and genes.

Select the Pepts supplement that aligns with your unique needs and aspirations, whether it’s nurturing your skin, invigorating your eyes, strengthening muscles and bones, or optimizing your circulatory system.Your path to turning back the clock starts with Pepts, where nature meets science for a healthier, younger, stronger, more vibrant you.


Short peptides are small chains of amino acids (proteins) that can be sourced from plant or animal products. They are biomolecules with various biological roles.
Today, short-chain peptides are widely considered a new form of the drug for their ability to target and affect specific cells and organs with fewer side effects. They are also easily absorbed due to their form.

Dosage is individual and depends on your weight and activity levels. 2 capsules is a min that will yield great results. If you weigh more than 150 lb, or if you need rapid and strong results we recommend you take 2-3 servings per day, which equals 4-6 capsules.

Yes, you can combine different peptides.  they are absorbed through different peptide receptor sites within the body. You can take three different peptides per course.

Yes, but we recommend you take by recommended course to prevent developing tolerance.

Pepts peptides are very safe to use as they are made from food. It is nutrition. Still, to be safe, children, pregnant or nursing mothers, or anybody with a protein-related condition, should consult a doctor before taking Pepts.