Immunity Health Bundle

Immunity Health Bundle

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Elevate your immune defense with our tailored Immunity bundle, pairing the comprehensive benefits of Pürblack® Immunity Max with the extra immune-boosting power of our Coated Silver® supplement.

Pürblack® Immunity Max brings you the full spectrum of advantages from our 5th generation Pürblack® True Gold shilajit resin, enhancing energy, digestion, sleep, and supporting bone and joint health. 

To further bolster your immunity, this bundle includes our standalone Coated Silver® product, delivering an additional layer of protection beyond what's already integrated into Immunity Max. This advanced formula, proven in studies by the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency (USDTRA), features nanotechnology-crafted, biocompatible, polysaccharide-coated silver particles. Offering up to 20,000PPM per drop, it surpasses the immune support of traditional colloidal and ionic silver solutions. 

Perfect for daily use, this bundle is designed for anyone seeking superior immune fortification, especially in challenging environments or for those with demanding lifestyles.

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