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Pepts ReVision
Pepts ReVision

Pepts ReVision

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ReVision is a complex mix of the IPH AVN short-chain peptide, carotenoids, flavonoids, and antioxidants made specifically for eye health.

IPH AVN peptide helps improve the vascular function of the eyes and helps deliver nutrient compounds like lutein, zeaxanthin, and anthocyanins.

ReVision is the first supplement of its kind. AVN peptide combined with nutrients promote optimal eye health.

ReVision protects from the harmful effects of blue light. Regular use helps support overall eye health, vision, acuity, eye relaxation, and eye tone.

  • Genetic rejuvenation of the eye health 
  • High efficacy delivery of nutrients to the eye
  • Improves vision acuity 
  • Improves night vision health 
  • Supports macular health and wellness
  • Relaxes the eyes
  • Tones the eyes 
  • Delivers antioxidants to the eyes
  • Neutralizes eye fatigue 
  • Supports eye health of persons with eye strain from technology 
  • Supports eye health of professionals who actively use eyesight for work
  • Supports eye health of athletes 
  • Supports eye health of pilots and flight personal

For optimal vision health, consume 1 to 3 servings of ReVision before meals daily.

The dosage may vary depending on your goals, eye strain, and nutrient needs.

One jar of ReVision is one course. We suggest taking 6 to 12 courses of ReVision per year.

Peptide Complex IPH AVN 50 mg* (60% proteins, 1% H-ASP-LYS-GLU-OH, 39 % free amino acids)
Malpighia glabra L. 855 mg* (Acerolla Cherry Extract) 
Anthocyanins 50 mg* (Vaccinium uliginosum)
Lutein 25 mg* (Tagetes erecta L)
Zeaxanthin 20 mg* (Tagetes erecta L)

 *Daily Value not Established

  • Revision comes with 90 capsules each and offers 45 servings.
  • One serving consists of 2 capsules. We recommend 1-3 servings per day.
  • You can take Revision any time of the day, preferably before food. 
  • It is recommended to take at least 6 courses (12 max) of revision every year.  One bottle equals one course.

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